Takane to Hana Vol.1 (Review)

I honestly did not think that I’d be into this manga but it definitely did surprise me in several ways because I ended up getting the subsequent volumes that were published after reading the first volume. The manga is published by Shoujo Beat and is written by mangaka Yuki Shiwasu who’s work among others include: Tama-chen!, Furou Kyoudai and Unknown no Madousho.  My first impression of Takane to Hana was that it comes across as the typical shoujo manga where the leading lady falls deeply in love with with a rich and famous leading male or the leading lady is dominated by the leading male. Turns out, it’s the other way round. The manga also presents sort of a diversion from Yuki Shiwasu’s usual tendency of writing supernatural-related shoujo mangas to a romantic comedy shoujo manga and I believe Takane to Hana is by far, her most successful manga to-date.

Takane to Hana tells the story of Hana Nonomura who had to attend an arranged marriage meeting on behalf of her sister to save her family’s face when her father’s superior, Chairman of Takaba Group requested for it. At the meeting she met Takane Saibara, the heir to Takaba Group who’s not only good looking but also very wealthy. He’s also an exceedingly confident guy and many times in the manga comes across to be very self-absorbed. When Takane made a comment on Hana’s seemingly thick makeup, she stormed out of the meeting leaving Takane bewildered by her action. Unknown to Hana, Takane who has never been rejected before, has taken an interest in her after what happened at the short meeting. However, what Takane does not know is that Hana is NOT her sister and that she is still in high school!

Lighthearted plot

I’m going to discuss the plot briefly without revealing too much and also to leave you guys with some imagination on how the manga actually goes. Volume 1 almost in its entirety focuses on the development of Hana and Takane’s relationship. There are a lot of scenes where Takane and Hana learns about one another, trying to understand one another and trying to adapt to one another especially when they both live a totally different life from one another (i.e: one is poor and the other one is extremely rich). There are times when Hana gets frustrated with Takane for going overboard on things that he does for her and Takane would take offence when Hana rejects his generosity. What I like about the story is that, both Hana and Takane will always manage to find a common ground.


What I’m not sure of…

While I like the fact that Hana seems to be standing her ground and not falling for Takane’s every persuasion, I have mixed feelings when she starts questioning herself every time she rejects Takane’s offers which to me, beats the purpose of standing her ground in the first place. In the first volume she seems to be going back and forth with her decision a lot which leaves me hoping that she would make up her mind already! But that might be because she’s still a teenager?



I do find the manga entertaining in general and I believe the attraction of this manga comes from the fact that both MC have fun traits. Takane is someone who even though appears to have everything, handsome and wealthy but he’s actually a really naive guy and cares deeply for Hana in a traditional shoujo manga style. Meanwhile, Hana is entertaining cos she has a comeback for everything that Takane throws at her. Also, the ending does leave me hopeful for the second volume especially with such an intriguing cliffhanger. Another point to note is that, even though I’m not familiar with the mangaka’s previous works but I do love the art style in Takane to Hana. I also enjoyed the mini stories at the end of the volume with chibi versions of both Takane & Hana taking a jab at their potential relationship evolution.

Have you guys read Takane to Hana? What are your thoughts on it? Do share below in the comments section. Would love to hear from you guys!

Thanks for reading & do look forward to my next review.

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