Boku no Hero Academia – Two Heroes (Review)

I happened to catch the screening of Boku no Hero Academia: Two Heroes last Friday at a local movie theatre here in KL and I’m here to deliver my verdict.

After countless volumes of mangas & 3 seasons of anime, we finally get to watch the long anticipated movie! The movie takes us to I-Expo (Island Expo) where all new researches & inventions on quirks are being displayed for public viewing. With Summer holiday just starting, Deku and All Might, followed by his band of classmates (each with various reasons to be on the Island) reunited and eventually saved the island from villains who were determined to get their hands on David Shield’s greatest invention from the Expo.

Source: Kawaiitales

Anyways, for the benefit of those who have yet to watch the movie, I won’t be discussing the plot here too much but I’ll just point out what are my favourite things about the movie & what could the movie do without.

The Good

I really like the fact that the movie started with some throwback of All Might’s younger days fighting off evil in America with David Shield by his side throwing his famed California Smash & Detroit Smash here and there. It basically delved into the tight relationship surrounding All Might & David Shield which serves as a great background story before bringing us into the current day scenario at the I-Expo.

A young All Might

Also, I think the animation was very well done. The fight scenes were created in my opinion, exceptionally well. The director Nagasaki Kenji & producer Studio Bones managed to project the anime experience unto the big screen effortlessly which is a big plus.

The Not So Appealing…

While I enjoy the movie in general but there are several things that I think could have been done differently. One of it happens to be the lack of airtime for the other UA students (Deku’s comrades). I feel like they’re only present during the fight scenes to help Deku & rarely beyond that? Instead, there were more scenes with Melissa Shield, David Shield’s daughter. There isn’t that many interaction with the UA team & some extra screen time with these “quirky bunch” would be much appreciated.

Source: TOHO Cinema

Another thing that bothered me was the fact that the movie felt like an extended anime. At one point in time during the movie, I was wondering to myself when will the movie end? There wasn’t any unique plot to begin with cos I feel that the entire direction of the movie was kind of predictable from the beginning. Which made the ending fight scene felt unbearably longer than usual. =.=”

All in…

If you’re not concerned about the lack of storyline & length of the movie, it would be an enjoyable movie and a must watch! In its entirety, Boku no Hero Academia: Two Heroes has all the good shounen movie punches: good animation, great fight scenes & wonderful camaraderie which we could all relate to. The re-emergence of All Might as the Symbol of Peace gives a satisfying end to the movie which has been plaguing the viewers since the beginning of the movie due a certain issue that he has been facing.

Well, that’s it for my first anime movie review. Any thoughts on Boku no Hero Academia: Two Heroes? Feel free to share in the comments section down below!

See you in my next post!


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