Yokai Rental Shop – Volume 1 (Review)

If you’re a lover of yokai-related/themed manga or anime like me, I think you’ll enjoy this manga as much as I did. Yokai Rental Shop is a product of mangaka Shin Mashiba who’s also the mangaka for Yumekui Kenbun (Nightmare Inspector) and Utau! Heiankyou. Both of which have incredibly beautiful art which in my opinion possessed both amazingly intricate details as well as loose and  flowy feel to it. Absolutely gorgeous! I believe that is essential especially when the mangaka seems to be specialising in fantasy and/or historical genre.

Yokai Rental Shop revolves around mainly the 2 main MCs which are Hiiragi Yasase and Karasu where both happened to be half brothers. Hiiragi found out from his mother (while on the brink of her death…) that he has an older half brother. Feeling like he’s left all alone in this world after the death of his mother, he decided to seek out for this older half brother and found him to be the owner of a rather unique and exotic pet store.

While in the store, he encountered Karasu, a guy who is bandaged all over who appeared in front of Hiiragi by hanging on to his bandage from the higher floor of the store. Unknown to Hiiragi, the exotic pet store in just a front for supernatural rentals where those in the know can rent out yokai to perform supernatural deeds for the right price.

Understandably, Hiiragi was in denial and could not accept the fact that his half brother is in fact (much to his dismay) a half yokai. While he curiously tries to find out more about Karasu & his yokai rental business, Hiiragi becomes more & more involved in the yokai world than he anticipated.

However, little did he know he’s not only sharing the same father with Karasu, but he’s also sharing his fate with him!

What I like about the manga:

1. Bandaged MC/supernatural character

2. Yokai-theme/supernatural

3. Unique fantasy & magical storyline

4. Beautifully drawn art

5. Japanese elements (yukata, traditional Japanese background etc)

Final thoughts:

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Yokai, Fantasy, Supernatural, Traditional Japanese

Length: 4 volumes (completed & translated in English)

In short, this manga is suitable for those who enjoy supernatural/yokai-themed storyline. To those who have yet to come across Yokai Rental Shop, I highly recommend you to!

Have fun reading!


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