Kakuriyo – Volume 1 (Review)

Here’s a rather newly translated-to-English manga with my favourite genre and elements thrown in together. Kakuriyo was debuted to the public back in Spring 2018. It was first released in Japanese and an English translated manga was then released back in November 2018.

Kakuriyo is another manga that focuses on the lives of supernatural being i.e: the yokais. In this manga, yokais are known as “ayakashi” and the story revolves around the MC, Aoi Tsubaki who is a human girl who has a spiritual power that allows her to see ayakashis in the human world, just like her grandfather.

One day Aoi bumped into an “ogre” ayakashi and finds herself transported into the ayakashi world. There, she found out that her grandfather owed the owner of Tenjin-ya (an ayakashi inn) a great deal of debt and has promised to marry his granddaughter off to the owner known as the Odanna.

Thus, begins Aoi’s journey to repay that debt after she refuses to marry the Odanna. She has volunteered to pay off her debt through working at Tenjin-ya however, none of the managers in Tenjin-ya would hire her as she is a human.

While looking for a place that she could belong to, Aoi learns more and more about the ayakashi world & makes the most unexpected friend out of the cute Ginjin, a nine-tailed fox ayakashi who also happens to be Tenjin-ya’s deputy owner.

There’s also a part where the Odanna and Gijin found out that Aoi is a good cook and her cooking fits well with the ayakashi’s taste buds which I think would be a key focus area and relationship builder between Aoi and the rest of Tenjin-ya’s people. I like how the manga emphasised on the recipes/type of food that Aoi makes in the manga.

What I like about the manga:

1. Strong-willed MC

2. Yokai-themed

3. Tales of 2 worlds – ayakashi world & human world

4. Japanese food

5. Japanese elements (yukata, traditional Japanese background etc)

Final thoughts:

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Yokai, Fantasy, Supernatural, Food-related, Traditional Japanese

Length: Ongoing – so far Volume 2 & 3 translated are confirmed for February 2019 & May 2019 release.

Kakuriyo is a great read for those who loves yokai-themed storyline as well as; food-related storylines. I loved how the mangaka combined those 2 favourite genres of mine into 1 which is something new for me.

Another thing to note is that I love how the mangaka made the Odanna looks unpredictable. He can be nice but scary looking at the same time. It’s also hard to know what is going on in his head too.

All in, I would highly recommend this manga as it is quite a fun read for me!

Have fun reading!


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