Shortcake Cake – Volume 1 (Review)

Thought I’d take a break from reviewing yokai-themed mangas and start reviewing a shoujo manga that a lot of readers in the manga community have been raving about recently: Shortcake Cake!

I just finished reading the first volume and I can’t help but let myself drown in the sweetness of the manga. It’s basically full of pure innocent love kinda storyline throughout the first volume cos the MC, Ten Serizawa is someone who has never thought about boys let alone, fall in love.

The story begins with Ten who has just entered her first year of high school but has to travel for 2 hours everyday by bus to get to her school. This is because the area that her family’s living in has only up to Junior High School. After 1 month of travelling back and forth and with some persuasion from her good friend Ageha, Ten decided to join Ageha and 4 other residents at a boarding house which is only 7mins away from her high school.

Residents of the boarding house:

1. Ten Serizawa: 1st year high schooler at Nekochiya High School. She’s the MC of the story. Lives her life oblivious to her surrounding especially when it comes to the opposite gender.

2. Chiaki Kasadera: Gorgeous and famous 1st year high schooler at Nekochiya High School

3. Riku Mizuhara: 1st year high schooler at Shogyo High School who also happens to be a famous ladies man

4. Yuto Yamaguchi: 2nd year high schooler at Nekochiya High School. He’s smart and nerdy

5. Aoi Ono: 3rd year high schooler at Shogyo High School. She’s the oldest among the 6 of them

6. Ageha Haruno: 1st year high schooler at Nekochiya High School. She is Ten’s good friend since junior high

7. Ran Hoshino: She’s the house mom for the boarding house. An excellent cook, her hobby is cooking and cars. She is known to be strict with the house rules

Following her move into the boarding house, Ten begins to get to know the residents of the house and slowly develop a relationship with them despite her awkward social nature. She begins to attract attention of none other than the famous ladies man, Riku Mizuhara who’s starting to question whether he’s in love with Ten as he begins to unconsciously act differently in her presence. However, unknown to Riku, he might finally have a rival in the love department.

There are also funny scenes with Yuto who is the nerdiest among them which I find very entertaining as Yuto can be very awkward socially.

Another character that I can’t wait to know more about is Young Master Rei, a guy who wears a kimono and seems to know Riku.

Like I mentioned earlier, what I really enjoyed most about this manga is the innocent first love feel to it. The MC’s personality is very likeable IMO and I like how she is not desperate for any boy’s attention. She’s considerate despite always seeming to appear direct.

I also like the family-like bond/relationship between the residents of the boarding house. I feel like it acts as an anchor for the entire manga. It’s interesting to note that despite the storyline appears to look like an obvious typical shoujo-like storylines but I happen to think that’s not the case for this manga. I feel like there’s many more twists and turns coming in the future volumes. Volume 1 leaves us with the above cliffhanger which makes us reader scrambling for Volume 2!

What I like about the manga:

1. Innocent-love shoujo theme

2. Boarding house with multiple character interactions

3. Ikemen boys

4. MC has colourful personality

5. Not your typical shoujo storyline

Final thoughts:

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life

Length: 5 volumes so far..English translated volumes 1-3 are released. Volume 4 due in April 2019 while Volume 5 is due in August 2019.

Continue reading? Hell, yes!!!

Hope you had fun reading the review!


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